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What should I use for my “Reply” address?

Even though email campaigns are sent using the PrimeSender service, you can choose the address to be displayed for your subscribers to reply to.

This is a very important part in making your email campaign successful so take a few moments to think about it. Here are some tips to help you.

Use a “Reply” Address Your Subscribers will Recognize

Your subject line and your reply address are the first things your subscribers see in your email messages, so your reply address should be something that your subscribers readily recognize from where they signed up.

Consistency and recognition are very important parts of an email campaign. If they don't recognize the address and name, they will be less likely to open the message.

Use a Valid Address You Check Regularly

Your subscribers value the personalization of your email messages. By using an address you check regularly and encouraging feedback or questions, you’re able to further that customer relation.

And because some subscribers will send a message requesting to be removed from your campaign, using a valid address is also required by federal law.

DON'T USE Free Addresses

Email addresses hosted at domains owned by free services or ISPs should not be used for your reply address.

Again, your reply address should match the website domain where your subscribers signed up. You are almost guaranteed better delivery, open rates, and general responsiveness from subscribers by adhering to this guideline.

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