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Why should I test my emails before sending them?

Even though it is not required, we recommend that you always send a test of your emails to yourself before actually sending them out to your subscribers. This way you can make sure your emails look and function exactly how you want them to without any mistakes to will yield the best results.

Here are some key things you should always look for in your test emails:

  • Look for any grammatical errors, sentence structuring or typos.
  • Ensure images and logos are displaying properly.
  • Be sure you’ve branded the email with company name, logo and website.
  • Verify that variable personalized data is displaying accurately.
  • Make sure that all links redirect appropriately to your website and the message is reinforced on your site. Don’t make subscribers work to find what they came for.
  • Review and revise your email to make sure font sizes, images, colors schemes and positioning of content are pleasing to view.
  • Check that the most important information is above the fold which means it can be viewed without scrolling. This includes your branding, offers, key message and call to action.
  • Catch any last minute bugs or make final adjustments and test the email again.
  • Finally see how your email looks in different browsers and email clients. Try opening it in different email accounts to see if the formatting is correct.

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