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Why is my campaign in Review Status?

Campaign Status: Review

Your initial campaign review begins when you send out your first email campaign to a group of your contacts. After this initial review and approval, your campaign may be reviewed periodically, especially if your contact list or the number of email campaigns sent per month increases dramatically.

When your campaign goes into Review Status, PrimeSender will be examining the email campaign’s content and all the links included within the email. Once the review is complete, we will notify you via email. You can then review your reports and the results.

While your campaign is in Review Status, it is important you wait until it is complete. If you re-send the campaign while the current one is waiting to send, your recipients may receive more than one copy of your email.

We're constantly evaluating our delivery server queues and add new mail servers to our cluster from time to time to ensure your campaigns are sent as quickly as possible.

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